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Jo & Nat, the heart of HD-Nine Wellness. Established in 2020 whilst stuck at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Jo & Nat wanted a way to bring their teachings in Mindfulness and Meditation to their clients homes. Not only to their clients’ homes but to the people and places who really needed support with their wellbeing. With their Instructors qualifications in delivering wellness workshops they were able to offer remote wellbeing sessions, 1-1 meditation sessions, monthly group meditation sessions and virtual day retreats to the homes and work spaces of many. This transpired into the evolution of HD-Nine Wellness, merging both of their businesses to create one business that emcompasses,perfectly, all of their passions under one roof in the heart of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

Nat also offers holistic and massage services in a clinic based in Horsforth, Leeds. You cannot make any bookings for the Horsforth clinic through this site. To make a booking at the Horsforth clinic please follow this link: https://www.fresha.com/a/hdnine-wellness-horsforth-align-healthcare-uk-149-town-street-iyzauleq

Here at HD-Nine Wellness you will find everything you need for total mind & body restoration. RENEW.RESTORE.RELAX

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